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5 People Who Prove There Is Life After a Liberal Arts Degree

The world needs people who can write, speak, think laterally, and problem solve in all the ways a liberal arts degree teaches you to do. Whether you end up working with mortgage loans or tech services, there are a lot of good reasons to pursue a degree in the liberal arts. Perhaps the best testament to the usefulness of the humanities is the success of so many who have majored in it. Here are just a few examples.

Richard Plepler

Let’s start with the CEO of HBO. Richard Plepler took his degree at Franklin & Marshall College, and with that under his belt, he drove to Washington D.C. to make something of himself. He drew inspiration from Ralph Waldo Emerson (you’ll see his writings frequently in your online liberal arts associates degree) and used his own personal drive to get on staff with Senator Chris Dodd.

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