4 Ways to Keep Your Family Cool and Comfortable Throughout the Summer

Summers have an ebb and flow of both cozy mornings and way-too-hot afternoons; ergo, you need a few ways to keep your family cool and comfortable throughout. These methods are mostly common sense but use them as reminders on how to make the summers bearable for you and your little ones.

Tip: Stock up on sunscreen in the wintertime to avoid skyrocketing summer prices. Sunscreen has a long shelf life [check the labels], so you shouldn’t have a problem with investing in your summer fun a few months before the heat gets too bad.

Head Indoors for Movie Afternoons and Yummy Homemade Lemonade on Sweltering Days

Sweltering days are classified differently dependent on where you live, but the general consensus is 95-degrees Fahrenheit and over. This is especially uncomfortable if you live somewhere with mega-muggy humidity, like North Carolina or Virginia.

On those defined sweltering days, head indoors and stay there. Declare movie afternoons with marathons of your family favorites, all while sipping glasses of ice-cold homemade lemonade. Yummy!

Have Some Backyard Battles with Everything Water, i.e. Balloons, Soaked Sponges, etc.

There’s nothing quite as exciting as launching water-filled projectiles at your kids as they scream, giggle, and run for cover. Declare a backyard battle, complete with makeshift slip-and-slides, lots of barrels or trees to hide behind, loads of water balloons, and some NERF water blasters. Spend the afternoon getting soaked and having a great time with your youngsters.

Wear Loose, Cotton Clothes, or Let Your Toddler Run in Their Diaper

Wearing loose, cotton clothing outdoors is the surefire method to ensuring your whole family stays cool and collected during the summer months. Or, if you live alone or with a spouse, you could walk around indoors in your underwear with the AC cranked on high (contact someone in Greensboro air conditioning repair if your AC goes on the fritz before you can implement your summertime cool-down plan). For toddlers, set them loose indoors in a diaper to combat the heat that’s blaring outside.

Stay Hydrated and Lower Your AC to a Comfortable 65 Degrees Fahrenheit 65-degress Fahrenheit is one of the most preferred and optimum temperatures because it’s at the cusp of being cold enough and warm enough. So, lower your AC and keep up with your water intake. Proper hydration will help your body better regulate its temperature so you don’t get too hot.

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