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Some great baking contest shows

There are numerous baking shows available to watch on television at the moment and these range from cookery style shows where you can watch a chef creating a whole host of dishes that you then try to recreate, with varying degrees of success, at home later on right through to contest style shows. The reason why some of the dishes that you try to replicate don’t look the same as they did on the television is due to the equipment that the professionals have access to such as Lincat SLR6 Silverlink 600 ovens that you can see at

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The types of baking contest show that you can watch include:

The Great British Bake Off

This show sees some of the best in amateur bakers competing against each other to be crowned the Great British Baker for that given year. During each episode the contestants are required to … Read the rest


Perfectly packing your parcel for delivery

There comes a time in all our lives when we need to send a parcel through the post. There is a certain knack to doing it right to make sure that the contents don’t end up strewn around the floor of the post office with a load of postal workers looking forlorn and sheepish at it. It’s not their fault to some degree as it does sort of fall down to us to make sure the thing is ok before we go. Even if you use a Same day courier Slough based company like you still need to have a degree of packing skill as they won’t do it for you. Let’s have a look at some hints and tips.

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1. Make sure the package itself can be sent by post. If the material inside contravene the law in some way, then don’t bother. If its highly … Read the rest


More Top Reasons to Choose a Digital Visitor Management System

With all the benefits of modern technology, digital management of visitors to a site will be the norm before too long. Here are more reasons why organisations want to get on board with a digital system.

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Scalability and Synergy

With a digital system you will have a versatile platform that can easily scale up if visitor traffic increases. A versatile system gives an organisation options to customise the process to their specific needs.

Another benefit is how a digital system can be integrated with other software and platforms and the synergies that combining these will deliver. It makes sense that sophisticated systems should talk to and work with each other to produce a more seamless management experience in every department.

Legal Issues and Contractor Management

Should there be any kind of incident at the organisation, then a digital system is poised to report and record it in a … Read the rest

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5 more of the biggest interior trends for 2019

Want to know what your interiors will look like in 2019? Here are 5 more of the biggest trends to check out next year.

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Feature wall hangings

Out goes the painted or wallpapered feature wall. In comes beautiful textile hangings. Don’t think tapestries or macrame wall art, instead focus on beautifully handmade pieces using sustainable materials like rice paper and jute. The look is light and modern and integrates perfectly with the new neutrals.

Make a statement – on the ceiling

If you’re still determined to make a statement, then look up. Clear your walls and make your statement on your ceiling. Choose a deep and bold colour or even a vibrant wallpaper to liven things up. Try a moody deep green ceiling with your sage green walls or add a splash of floral or a bold geometric wallpaper pattern, both of which can look amazing when … Read the rest