What to include in a property inventory

When starting with a new tenant, some landlords don’t put in place a property inventory. The consequences for not compiling this common-sense, basic list can be costly if matters go awry. Here we look at what inventories should include.

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What is an inventory?

An inventory is simply a list detailing the state of repair and condition of a property, plus the fixtures and fittings. Also known as a ‘schedule of condition’, the inventory sets out the state of a property at the start and finish of a tenancy. It helps to decide whether any damages should be extracted from the tenant’s deposit to cover any losses the landlord has incurred.

Preferably, photographs should be arranged to avoid disputes over the condition of new appliances or valuable items.

What to include

Firstly, an inventory needs compiling even for unfurnished properties, since there are cases where tenants have damaged carpets … Read the rest

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6 ways to deliver superb customer service

A successful business depends on its customers remaining loyal and satisfied and recommending it to their friends. But they will only remain good customers if you consistently provide them with good service, so how can you ensure that you offer the best service possible and keep them onboard?

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1. Treat your team well

It might seem odd when we are discussing customer service to start by talking about how you treat your staff. However, the attitude of your team is crucial, as they are the people who are interacting directly with the customers and if they are not happy and motivated, that will rub off.

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2. Service with a smile

It’s an old idea, but if customers are greeted in a friendly, cheerful way, they will respond in kind. Obviously, the smile doesn’t show through the call centre, but the attitude does, so your staff’s approach … Read the rest


Eight useful motor trade insurance facts

If you are thinking of taking out this type of insurance, here are eight important considerations.

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1 Design of policies

Motor trade insurance is a business or commercial insurance policy available only through brokers. The insurers favour issuing policies and dealing with claims, but leave the policy’s general upkeep to the broker who takes a percentage of the total premium.

2 No claims equals rewards

Your premium is computed using different rating factors. A major factor is the policy’s no-claims bonus. This gives the insurer the big picture of how the policy holder handles their insurance. If there are five years plus on a policy, major discounts will apply.

3 Younger drivers

You age is another important factor, as is the age of other named parties on the policy. It is generally understood that younger drivers are more reckless and more likely to make a claim, pushing up … Read the rest


The top e-commerce shipping errors to avoid this Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s peak time for people to shop online. If you’re an e-commerce company, it’s a great time to make sales and increase revenues, if you get it right. Here we look at what could go wrong, and what to avoid when it comes to e-commerce shipping.

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1. Packages arrive late

There’s a good chance that items ordered in the coming weeks will be Christmas presents, items which people will expect to put under the tree on 24th December. They won’t be happy if they arrive late. Make sure you have clear cut-off dates for orders and don’t promise a delivery date you can’t meet.

2. You’re under-staffed

Once you’ve received an order, you need to fill it quickly. You can only do this if you’ve enough staff. If you don’t, you’re at risk of not being able to fulfil your orders on … Read the rest


The male judge of the Sewing Bee.

Riding of the back of the Great British Bake off the BBC commissioned a similar program that focused on traditional crafts but this time centre around sewing and needlework. The competition that was televised featuring a team of amateur sewers all competing for the title of star sewer. They were given a series of task to complete testing their styles and technique. The show through them curve balls and also specified what material they had to use. The man in charge of the judging, a person who certainly knows his Farah Shirts such as the ones that can be bought at ejmenswear from his Saville Row suits, for which he is best known, was Patrick Grant.

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Grant is a Scotsman and was born and raised in the Musselburgh region of Edinburgh. He benefited for a very good education. His Father managed bands and his Mother worked at Edinburgh … Read the rest


5 More Ideas to Upgrade Your Diamond Engagement Ring

So you’ve already made the decision to spruce up your beloved engagement ring. Perhaps your budget is now more flexible, or you just want something that will really catch everyone’s eye. Whatever your reason, we’ve got some more great ideas on how best to upgrade your favourite piece of jewellery so it remains relevant and every bit as loved as it was on the day it was received.

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1. Consider Doubling the Halo

Double-edged halos are becoming increasingly popular in the engagement ring industry. This style is classy and sophisticated whilst still being showy enough to impress the admirers.

2. Add a Surprise Diamond

Surprise stones can be added beneath the main stone in order to give a bit of depth to an existing ring. These won’t be visible from a aerial point of view but can be seen from the side and are a nice addition to … Read the rest

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The need for glue in our lives.

Let’s face facts, we’ve all broken something. Usually it’s a plate or a glass or something metal based. Rather than buy a new one we’ve gone to the option of getting out some glue and tried to fix it. Unless the product is metal, and you need some special metal bonding adhesive like what you will find at for that job. Have you ever wondered as you try and avoid getting high on the fumes, where glue actually comes from and how we as humans developed it? Let’s take a look at the fascinating sticky stuff.

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The problem of getting something to stick to another thing is an age-old problem for the human race dating back to our prehistoric ancestors’ days. They made do with leather strapping and dried mud, but this is only a temporary solution and it became clear to our ancestors that they needed … Read the rest

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The enigma of Noddy

As a kid growing up in the seventies I was bombarded with several cool characters. Bagpuss for example always collecting and directing the repair of things with the aid of Mice, a bookend and two puppets. Then there was Trumpton, Camberwick Green and Chigley, places where very little happened but you were nevertheless entertained by the goings on. All seemed to offer a microcosm of UK life in the seventies that any one under 5 could start to develop an idea of what life was going to be like when we grew up. However, there was one that I failed to identify with and this was the creation of that middle to upper class doyen of the children’s literature world Enid Blyton. It was Noddy. Looking back on it now the more “innocent” time of the seventies would suggest that Noddy would be difficult to get past the tv executives. … Read the rest

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Four reasons to invest in a catering fridge

Businesses, both large and small, may sometimes try to cut down costs by purchasing appliances which aren’t always the best for the job. Whilst it is understandable that being cost efficient is often a high priority, ensuring that your equipment is right should always come first. Here’s why using a commercial fridge, rather than a standard domestic one, is the right choice.

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More storage space

It goes without saying, but it would be extremely rare to find a domestic fridge that has the storage capacity needed for a large or growing business. With a smaller fridge, you run the risk of overfilling it, which can, in turn, cause a number of issues, such as overheating. A speciality fridge also comes with a much larger compressor than those in standard fridges. This allows the doors to be open and shut many times throughout the day, something that is standard … Read the rest

Health and Fitness

Liver cancer: Causes, diagnosis, and treatment

Our liver is one of the largest organs of the body and is responsible for a wide range of functions, such as purifying the body from harmful toxins, filtering the blood that circulates throughout the body, processing nutrients absorbed from the digestive tract, and removing other chemical waste products via excretion. The liver is undoubtedly very crucial to survival. Because the blood in the body must pass through the liver, it is highly exposed to cancer cells that may be travelling in the bloodstream. A liver cancer consists of malignant hepatic tumors that get created in or on the liver.

Key Facts

Liver cancer patients have a typically lower survival rate; the common risk factors of liver cancer include alcohol abuse, hepatitis, and diabetes; the signs or symptoms of liver cancer generally do not appear until the diseases is in an advanced stage; the treatment options for liver cancer may … Read the rest


Getting on Board With Blockchain Development

Blockchain has become the buzzword around the world’s technology fields. All of us have heard it but only a few know what is the technology and, more importantly, how does it work?

Blockchain gained its popularity for being a distributed ledger that directs all the cryptocurrencies, along with Bitcoin. But we are past the time when the only practical application of blockchain was Bitcoin. Today Blockchain technology has found applications in every field and every industry of the world.

Getting started with blockchain development means, gaining hands down knowledge in the field of Blockchain, its applications, Ethereum, the open source code and of course the coding languages Java, Python or C++ along with Solidity. This can become a bottleneck if you don’t come from a technical or computer sciences background. But once you’ve made a decision, there are various specializations in blockchain technology which can help you in launching your … Read the rest

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Colon cancer – Symptoms and Causes

The primary cause of colon cancer is the tumorous growth in your large intestine. In fact, colon cancer is the third most common cause of death due to cancer in the United States of America.

The large intestine or colon is where your body extracts salt and water from all types of solid wastes, which is passed through the rectum and taken out of the body through the anus.

Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Many of the common symptoms of colon cancer, such as infection, irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids etc. are not exactly related to colon cancer. In other words, people who have one or all of these symptoms don’t have cancer.

However, if you have notice of these symptoms, you must see a doctor and undergo the diagnosis. The following are the common symptoms:

  • Blood in the stool, or dark stool
  • Unintended weight loss
  • Cramping
Read the rest

How Airflow can affect the Performance of Some of the Best Vaporizer for E Liquid Available in the Market Today

The good thing about vaping is that you can customize the device to get the maximum experience. For example, if you are using cigarettes, it only has a limited airflow that’s why it only produces limited smoke. Same with using an electronic cigarette, since you can’t customize it, what you see, is what you get.

The beauty of using a different vaping device is its customizability. By using a separate atomizer, you can choose how much airflow you want, and you can fully appreciate the vapor coming out of your device. You can appreciate flavor payout and most especially the cloud chasing of your vaping device.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of airflow in your atomizer, how you can maximize its usage and whether the best vaporizer pen available in the market today can give you the vaping experience that you need.

The amount of airflow you … Read the rest

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How Can You Buy Cheap Viagra Online: Few Tips

When you search the most sought-after products on the net then the one and the only name comes is the drug Viagra. Erectile dysfunction the disease in man related to the erection during sex. There are many online Viagra vendors with different brands.

It is very simple that if a man needs to buy Viagra online then the Viagra is sufficient to have many results. The related keyword sometimes doesn’t matches when a man wants to buy Viagra online.

Canada drugs direct is the best site to have the best Viagra for the best result and there are various sites from where you can have your Viagra. Viagra, online Viagra, cheap Viagra, buy Viagra online there are many keywords used by people to search Viagra online. The search engine is the only way to oil the Google for the search.

Illegal Viagra hawkers that are spoiling the market, that can … Read the rest